How to get Sleek Bill licenses

  • So how do I get Sleek Bill licenses? Do I have to buy them before I have clients?

You don’t have to buy anything before you have clients. First, you make a sale, then you buy a license for your client. As you will see in our 2nd email, we will give you links to purchase Sleek Bill at reduced prices. Just click on the link, complete all the fields with the required information and you will receive the activation key as soon as possible.

  • Why do I have to write the exact company name when I buy a license?

To avoid any delays and make your customers happy, you have to make sure you introduce the exact company name when you order a license. If an error is made (for instance if you wrote Pixel instead of p i x e l) the system fails to activate the license and it takes longer for your customer to be able to use his complete version of Sleek Bill.

  • Can I buy Sleek Bill for my own company at a reduced price?

Unfortunately, at this point in time, the system doesn’t allow you to buy a discounted license with your own company name. However, if you make more than 2 sales, you are eligible to receive a free license for your own use.

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