Partner support & marketing

  • How can I learn how to use Sleek Bill, do you offer me any training?

We will offer our full support over e-mail and Skype with any concerns that you might have. To ease your understanding of Sleek Bill we will give you a detailed presentation of its features and we also recommend downloading the trial version and testing it yourself.

  • How do I market and sell Sleek Bill?

You can use any method of sales and marketing that you want and that works best for you. To make it as easy as possible we will also give you access to our full package of marketing materials. This contains banners, posters, ads and other goodies.

  • What happens if my clients have a problem, who solves their bugs?

After you buy a license for your client, it’s your responsibility to help them with the activation and configuration of Sleek Bill. We offer support for software related problems and we strive to solve most of our clients’ issues in less than 1 day. However, if you feel there are support issues that you can solve on your own, feel free to do so.

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