Partner process

  • What happens after I sign-up to become a Sleek Bill partner?

You’ll get 1 email from us with instructions on how to purchase and sell Sleek Bill along with how to proceed from then on. Please have a read through it and make sure you understand. 

  • So how do I get Sleek Bill licenses? Do I have to buy them before I have clients?

You don’t have to buy anything before you have clients. First, you make a sale, then you buy a license for your client. As you will see in our email, we will give you links to purchase Sleek Bill at reduced prices. Just click on the link, complete all the fields with the required information and you will receive the activation key as soon as possible.

  • How do I get access to Partnernet?

To get access to Partnernet, you have to make at least 4 sales using the discount links you received. Using Partnernet you’ll be able to get licenses faster, have your own landing page to get more traffic and have satisfied customers with the professional services you offer. 

  • When do I get listed on the website?

After you make at least 5 sales, you will be featured on our website as our partner.

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