What you are not allowed to do as a PARTNER

1. Sleek Bill does not allow partners or resellers to have competing organic websites (websites that rely on organic traffic). We do not allow partners and resellers to create domain names that include the words "Sleek Bill" or any variation of them. We do not allow the use of our brand name or product name by any company, without our direct approval. Any such website that partners might have or make, violates this policy and will immediately terminate the partnership. 

2. Sleek Bill does not allow partners or resellers to use the official Sleek Bill logo in any context without mentioning they are a reseller. 

3. Any website, landing page or any form of online presence where you promote Sleek Bill must clearly specify that you are a Sleek Bill reseller or partner. 

4. As a partner, you cannot directly copy any content from www.billingsoftware.in, www.sleekbill.com or www.sleekbill.in for an organic or indexed website. 

5. We allow our partners to resell at whatever price they want,  but not to market the product at whatever price. This means that if you market the product to organic users, you cannot use lower prices than the official ones advertised by Sleek Bill. That being said, you can offer discounts to your users as you see fit. We provide a high margin for our partners in order to incentivize more sales not stealing each other’s clients.

If you have any questions regarding these issues or others please email us at support@billingsoftware.in

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